Hermetically Sealed Submersible Pumps: 3 FAQs

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Hermetically sealed submersible pumps don't come cheap. Thus, business owners need to be sure that they've made the right decision in relation to the acquisition of a hermetically sealed submersible pump. Here are answers to three questions that a business owner may have when looking to invest in a hermetically sealed submersible pump.

Why Hermetically Sealed Pumps?

Mechanical seals are made up of various delicate components (e.g. compression rings and metal bellows), which make the seal vulnerable to frequent damage as a result of exposure to heavy usage during work hours. They're also known to leak easily when exposed to the toxic liquids and/or fluids that are often produced in the commercial set-up. Thus, mechanically-sealed pumps would not be ideal for use in chemical processing plants, wastewater treatment plants and even in food processing plants where there's an abundance of toxic wastewater.

The frequent failure of mechanical seals in commercial water pumps easily translates to increased downtime and potentially huge losses. This should be the main reason for replacing a mechanically-sealed submersible pump with one that features a hermetical seal.

Hermetical sealing of shafts in a water pump makes the shafts airtight and much less prone to leakages. Hermetically-sealed pumps are suitable for handling toxic liquids and fluids because the seal protects the shaft from contact with these liquids and fluids.

What Types Of Hermetically Sealed Pumps Are Available?

  • Canned Motor Pumps: Pumps in this category of hermetically sealed pumps have their motor units and their pump units integrated into a single functional unit in the absence of a seal. These pumps are designed with thin rotor cans that act as the hermetic seals that prevent contact between the liquid being pumped and the pump rotors. Circulator pumps are perhaps the most commonly known example of canned motor pumps.
  • Magnetic Driven Pumps: These feature inner magnets and outer magnets separated by a non-magnetic material. The non-magnetic material acts as the hermetical seal preventing contact between toxic liquids and the atmosphere.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Pump?

The average business owner is not expected to have the expertise of a pump technician or a pump repair specialist. Thus, he or she should invest in a hermetically sealed submersible pump whose manufacturer offers a high level of technical support as they continue to use the pump and a high level of expertise when the pumps develop mechanical problems, as is characteristic of all pumps.

Grundfos is a good example of one such pump manufacturer.


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