Why You Should Consider a Structural Glass Balustrade

Posted on: 21 June 2016

If you have a particularly nice view from your deck, why not consider getting a structural glass balustrade to enhance your viewing pleasure as well as the beauty of your home?

What's the Difference?

When you install a structural glass balustrade, the glass panels used must be sufficiently rated in order to provide structural strength. This sets these products apart from normal glass balustrades, where the glass is simply used as a panel. Here, the thickness and strength of the glass panels allows them to resist the tendency for the structure to bend as natural settling takes place over time. They are also strong enough to bear a load from above.   

How It's Held in Place

The part of the balustrade that holds everything in place is known as a "shoe." It's typically made from aluminium and forms the shape of a "U" at its base. Sometimes, this is held in place with epoxy or a type of cement. You may opt for pressurised screw clamps in certain cases, instead.

Dispensing with a Handrail

When you select laminated glass as an option, you may find the product to be more aesthetically pleasing as you will not need a top hand rail. As you may know, a handrail is often used as a stabiliser, to keep the individual glass panels locked together. When laminated glass is selected though, you can dispense with the handrail. Laminated glass is particularly strong and can withstand a hit from a sharp or heavy object without shattering.      

Choosing a Low Iron Option

Bear in mind that the "tougher" the glass selected and, consequently, the thicker it gets, the more difficult it will be to look through. This is because the glass will take on a greenish tint due to the amount of iron content. If you find that you need this thicker glass but do not want an impeded view, then make sure that you tell your glass supplier to use "low iron" panels. While these are a little more costly, you will find that they are much easier to see through.

Do Government Regulations Apply?

In many cases, your local government may specify the thickness of the glass required. If your property will be accessible by the general public then this will likely be the case and you should check with local authorities and your glass supplier. Often times, toughened glass panels may be mandated.     

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