3 Factors to Consider when Getting Your First Dishwasher

Posted on: 28 July 2016

Dishwashers are common appliances in kitchens. Even though you still need to load and unload your dishes from it, having a dishwasher takes most of the work off cleaning your dishes, especially if dishwashing is one of your least favourite tasks. If you've owned a dishwasher, you probably won't have much trouble when buying a second one, but first-time buyers have a lot to consider to ensure their dishwasher adequately serves the purpose. The following are important considerations to make before you go window-shopping.

1. What are your needs?

If you have a large family preparing multiple meals a day, you'll run many loads throughout the day, and hence you'll need a standard size dishwasher or larger. Think also about whether you'll use the dishwasher to clean pots and pans, in which case a larger dishwasher would be more appropriate. If you're alone and have a small wash capacity, you have a lot more options, from compact and drawer dishwashers to standard dishwashers.

2. What choices do you have?

Technology allows you many new features in your dishwasher. Before you go out to shop (and risk getting swayed by salesman lingo) do some online research on the various brands, sizes and features available for you. You can get advanced wash cycle options like germ removal cycles ideal during flu seasons or if you have young children, the elderly or convalescing adults in the home.

Try to find a model that works well enough to not need you to pre-rinse dishes before loading – this is important for conservation of water. Other features include noise insulation, display settings, adjustable loading racks and delayed (programmable) start among others. Looking through online reviews can help you learn from others' experiences so you can avoid spending on features that you don't need. Remember that dishwashers with more special features will be more expensive and may consume more energy.

3. What are your space dimensions?

Consider where the dishwasher will be placed before going to look around. Most modern kitchens designate a space that should fit standard-size dishwashers (≈24-30" X 25" X 34"). Such dishwashers don't have special installation requirements. If you need a larger dishwasher but don't have room for it, you may need to alter your cabinet positions – you'll need to call in a carpenter to make the alterations before installers can do their job. Alternatively, you can place the dishwasher somewhere else, but you may have to get a plumber to fit your piping for the new location.

Get the correct dimensions of your dishwasher space in order to get the right size of machine once you go shopping. This is especially important if you've made modifications to your house e.g. redoing counters or tiling floors. If you have limited space and don't need the extra capacity, consider compact or single or double-drawer models – most brands have a few models for each of these, in case you favour a certain brand.


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