What to Expect From the House Demolition Process

Posted on: 8 August 2016

House demolition is done when you are either doing major renovations on your home or completely tearing it down to start fresh on the land with a custom home. Either way you go, there might be more to it than you originally thought. Here are some things to expect from the house demolition process.

You Will Need Permits

The first thing you should be aware of is that permits are often required. You can't do this type of major work without first consulting the local building office. The permits are not necessarily for the demolition itself but for the renovations you intend to complete after the renovations have been done. So that you don't face major fines and fees later on, it is best to find out about all required permits first. If the renovations are being done by a professional contractor, they will likely take care of the permits for you.

Demolition May Take More Time Than You Think

Don't expect the demolition process to be done in a day. While this can happen for smaller jobs, larger demolition projects take longer. The contractors not only need permits first but also need to start slowly so they can find the utilities and make sure the rest of the house remains intact if they aren't demolishing your entire home. The contractor should give you an estimate of how long they think it will take, but don't be surprised if they go a little past their original schedule.

Your Neighbors Might Not Be Too Happy

Demolition is extremely noisy, with the equipment being used and the sounds of the contractors conversing back and forth. Demolition often starts early in the morning, so they can take advantage of the cooler hours of the day and get a fresh start. This often means having some annoyed neighbors. Before demolitions begin, talk to your neighbors about the work that is being done and try to make it up to them. Have them over for dinner, bring some wine to their house, or give them a little care package that includes ear plugs. Do what you can to keep them from getting too upset about the work being done.

You Need a Way to Get Rid of Demolition Waste

Demolition waste is inevitable, and hopefully the contractor will take care of it. However, if some of the demolition is being done as a DIY project, this will be up to you. Using a skip bin is a good way to get rid of waste, since you park it on your property and throw away waste as needed. There are also bins specifically for materials that can be recycled, such as glass, wood and flooring tiles.


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