Tips to Help You Install Wallpaper Like a Pro

Posted on: 26 August 2016

The installation of wallpaper can immediately transform the appearance of a wall. However, some homeowners achieve poor results when they decide to install the wallpaper without the help of an experienced person. This article discusses some tips that will ensure that you install your wallpaper like a professional installer.

Start Behind Doors

It is often very difficult to make the pattern on the section of the wall where you started to match the wallpaper pattern where you completed the installation. How can you overcome this problem? Start applying the wallpaper from behind a door. In this way, the mismatch between the starting point and the last point will be hidden behind the door.

Be Systematic

Another key trick that professional wallpaper installers use to produce outstanding results is working in a systematic way. They start from one end of a room and follow the same direction of application until the entire room has been covered. This method helps them to ensure that the wallpaper patterns are closely matched as the different strips are placed on the wall. Do the same so that you can also have admirable results.

Make Precise Cuts

Some homeowners may not pay much attention when they are cutting different strips of wallpaper. That lack of attention to detail often causes the patterns on adjacent strips of wallpaper to be mismatched. Avoid this source of defects by cutting wallpaper strips to the exact size. For instance, cut each strip so that it exceeds the height of the wall by two inches. Be consistent so that the patterns will line up when you are placing the strip of wallpaper on the wall.

Use a Damp Cloth

Oftentimes, the paste on the furthest edge of a wallpaper strip may dry before you have had a chance to press it onto the wall. This can cause that wallpaper to fail to adhere to the wall effectively. You can ensure that the paste at the back of the wallpaper remains moist at the time of application by rubbing the wall using a wet cloth. That limited moisture will dampen the paste once more. This will ensure that all sections of the wallpaper strip adhere well on the wall.

Buy a Marker

Get a marker with the same colour as the wallpaper that you are installing. Use that marker to colour the white edges of the wallpaper strip. This helps to hide any cutting errors that may have become visible after the installation is completed.

Implement the tips above and your handiwork will be durable and beautiful. Hire a professional wallpaper installer in case you are unsure of your ability to do a good job.


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