Traffic light servicing to ensure that traffic lights can be seen from a distance

Posted on: 9 May 2017

In order for traffic lights to be effecive they must be clearly visible from a long distance away. If you are responsible for traffic lights as part of your work it is important to ensure that not only are the lights working but that they are also clearly discernible. Here are some tips on making sure this is the case. 

Choose the right type of lights

A growing number of traffic lights are now using LED (light emitting diode) technology which are brighter than a standard bulb as well as being more energy efficient. They also have a higher level of vibration resistance which can minimise the amount of broken lights in service as well. These can be a great option for traffic lights in temperate climates. One of the biggest downsides of these lightd however is that they run substantially cooler than standard bulbs and in some snowy locations this can have end up getting built up with snow or frost which can affect visibility. It's worth talking to a traffic light installation company to get some idea of whether LED lights might be a good idea for your application.

Get the lights cleaned regularly

If you have a dusty or dirty application, such as a set of traffic light near a factory or building site, it is important to have a regularly cleaning cycle. It is possible to get lights that have a coating that have a light static charge that helps to repel dust but it is still vital to get the lights physically cleaned and checked regularly. You can integrate this into the normal roads maintenance schedule. 

Make sure the lights are in the right position

If you have a traffic light that is an unusual position, such as on a curve or near other lights you may need to experiment with different positioning to ensure that the lights are visible at all times. If you get significant traffic building up at the area  during light changes it can often be good to contemplate using an extra high traffic light as well as a standard height traffic light so that that drivers can see the lights from any position. 

If you are looking to improve the visibility of your traffic lights it is a good idea to talk to a specialist firm that can give you advice on the best type of lights, cleaning schedule and light positioning for maximum visibility. For more information, contact companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd.


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