How a Marquee Could Really Make Your Wedding Day Stand out from the Crowd

Posted on: 10 May 2017

You pride yourself on being different and standing out from the crowd. You like to be unconventional and make a statement and never choose any products that could be classified as "cookie cutter." Therefore, you absolutely need to make a special statement for your big wedding day and may be considering a marquee rental instead of a "ho-hum" hotel ballroom. What options should you be considering as the big day approaches?

Options, Options

The good news is that there are several different types of marquee suitable for a first-class, tented wedding, and you'll be able to configure them to your heart's content to make sure that everything stands out.


The most popular type of marquee for a wedding is the traditional hightop, using tall poles in the centre. Once these poles have been erected, guy ropes are strung to the periphery, allowing canvas to be raised from bottom to top. They look very elegant and are a tried-and-tested option. However, they are only really suitable if you are setting up on a soft surface such as a field, as the poles have to be made secure using stakes.


If you're planning to use an area with a hard surface, then perhaps you would be better choosing a frame tent. The canvas is put on top of a freestanding frame made of metal once it has been initially set up. This type of structure allows you to let your creativity run wild, and you can apply various types of decoration and fabric, as well as auxiliary lighting to the superstructure.

Best of Both

If you want to have the best of all worlds, you will need something that is a cross between the pole tent and the frame alternative. This will essentially have high sides, but a very tall centre and gives a definite feeling of more space.

In the Tropics?

You may live in one of the sunnier parts of the country and be considering a beach location for your wedding. This would be an ideal place for you to erect some tropical tents, which are typically several smaller tents brought together into a common area. Each tent will be composed of a simple frame made of bamboo, with fabric draped accordingly. Remember, this is intended for warmer and more settled conditions, and you can't expect much protection from the elements in this case.

Making a Plan

With some ideas in mind, have a word with your wedding supplier to see what structure you could hire for your big day ahead.


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