Do you need a fresh packaging solution?

Posted on: 4 January 2021

All of the time that you are developing a new product then your focus will be on how effectively it works, whether it is durable enough for its intended purpose and whether it can be completed on time and within the expected budget. These are important practical issues which you can't ignore but there is also another area of concern that mustn't be overlooked.

Once your product is created it must be stored somehow and delivered to the customer. Depending on the nature of your product you might want to fit it into a cardboard box, a plastic bottle, or another material entirely. You might decide that you need additional layers of protection to prevent breakage or you might only want the minimum of packaging to reduce excess costs.

Does the packaging matter?

You might think that packaging is only a secondary issue but often it is what you buy from the packaging supplier that determines the success or failure of your product. Without the right packaging, your product will be unable to reach the customer safely. More than that, unless the packaging supplier can provide a packaging solution that presents the product in the most attractive way and entices the customer to make a purchase then your company could be faced with a substantial loss.

It is only when you can work with the packaging supplier that you will be able to explain precisely what type of packaging you need. You can explain not just the physical constraints under which you are working but also what information must be contained on the packaging. Once they have all of the information the packaging supplier will be enabled to make some suggestions for suitable packaging materials.

In many cases, the packaging supplier may already have a great packaging solution that is perfect for your product. If the container you need is a standard size and thickness then you may be able to take a standard box or container that the packaging supplier already makes. You can simply adapt the exterior design work by using your own colours and adding whatever wording you need. Using an existing packaging solution will normally be your cheapest packaging option but it isn't the only solution.

Create your own packaging

If nothing in the inventory of the packaging supplier seems quite right for your needs then you can talk to your packaging supplier and work with them to design the perfect custom packaging solution for your product.


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