Three Steps You Should Always Take When Installing New Lawn

Posted on: 2 June 2021

There are so many different types of lawn to choose from that when you finally get one you like, you can be excused for not having the energy to know how to properly install it. However, it is important that you do take time to make sure that you make sure that your lawn has the best chance of survival possible. After all, no matter how tough your lawn is, it is still a living, breathing organism that requires your care to take root. Here are three steps every new lawn owner should take to keep their beloved grass alive. 

More Watering Than Usual

When you transplant any sort of grass or plant from one particular type of soil to another, you need to make sure that it survives that initial change. Just like how a doctor will monitor a transplanted organ very closely in the first few weeks, so must you monitor your new types of lawn. The best way to do that? Give it some extra water. However, be careful, as some types of lawn don't require much water at the best of times, so extra water for them might be similar to the regular amount of water for other grass. As a general rule, water two to three times a day for two weeks before reducing slowly to the suggested amount of watering. 

Don't Overload It With Fertiliser And Growing Agents

A common mistake that many new lawn owners make is trying to change too much in the lawn's life too quickly. Trying to survive being implanted in a new garden is tough enough as it is without adding in a whole new dimension. Fertilisers and other growing agents can be fantastic tools to nourish an explosion in growth, but only when done in a controlled environment. A newly transplanted lawn is not a controlled environment, at least not yet. There will be plenty of time to do this later on, but for now, give your grass a bit of breathing room!

Listen To Your Contractor

When you buy your lawn, you will almost always be given a bit of advice on how to keep it alive past the initial stages where it adapts to your garden. Always follow these instructions closely because they come from experience. Also, if you follow all these instructions and the grass still does not take hold, you can ask why and try to remedy the problem. If you don't follow instructions, then there could be any number of reasons why the grass failed to take hold, and you will be left with no direction on how to fix it. 


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