How To Choose A Power Wheelchair

Posted on: 16 March 2023

One of the challenges of conventional wheelchairs is that users have to strain to operate them. For instance, they could suffer fatigue when trying to push the wheelchair on steep terrain. Power wheelchairs are an instant solution to this problem. Ideally, these are wheelchairs powered by a battery pack. However, choosing a power wheelchair can be pretty challenging. Below are some insights. 


It would be disappointing if the power wheelchair breaks down or becomes dysfunctional after a few weeks of use. Therefore, conduct in-depth research to determine the reliability of the various wheelchair models. Disability forums or your local dealer can be excellent sources of this information. Nevertheless, you should examine the wheelchair's build quality to determine its durability. For instance, how well are the components welded or bolted together? How rigid is the wheelchair's frame? What materials are used to build the power wheelchair? Are the metallic parts resistant to rust? How durable is the wheelchair's seat? You should also check the wheelchair's maintenance protocols. As a principle, you should find replacement parts in your area. These assessments are a sure way to compare the different brands on sale. 

Features Of The Wheelchair 

The power wheelchair should integrate features that improve its functionality. For instance; 

  • The wheelchair should have a smartphone compatibility feature that allows you to use your phone when in the wheelchair.
  • How comfortable is the wheelchair seat? Ideally, it should have adjustable controls that allow you to adjust the seat to guarantee your comfort.
  • What type of wheels does the wheelchair have? You may want to consider power wheelchairs with wide wheels that allow you to ride on offroad terrain.
  • The wheelchair should have easy controls. This way, you have an easy time navigating the wheelchair.
  • What are the wheelchair's speed limits? The wheelchair should be fast enough with a state-of-the-art braking system that allows you to stop in record time. 

Battery And Range 

Examine the size of the wheelchair's battery. Most manufacturers have a recommended battery range. The golden rule is considering batteries with a long range. It prevents you from having to recharge the battery every few hours. You must also examine the battery's durability. Ideally, it should last several years. Moreover, the manufacturer should ensure clients have access to replacement batteries. Finally, check how long it takes to recharge the battery. If possible, consider batteries with a fast charge feature. 

When buying a power wheelchair, examine the manufacturer, features, and battery range.  


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